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Know the concept of Software Defined Networking. 

Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new paradigm that is emerging in the world of cloud computing. SDN is a concept and paradigm in network management is as Software Defined Networking. SDN is a smart software is the which is designed to handle a complex problem in a network. In a small network a few minor problems that Appear in some of the switches may not pose a problem that is too troublesome, but try to imagine a complex network with Hundreds of switches and virtual LANs available. Software Defined Networking concept is a concept and a new paradigm created to handle Reviews These problems.

Software Defined Networking is a smart system that can perform activities - activities that can not be done manually by humans and is usually used in a computer network that has the capacity and coverage. SDN can do the job like the building itself, fix the errors that exist, making load balancing, and worked for 24 hours to the make sure the computer network having no problems and works as it should.
SDN Process

System running in Software Defined Networking run where the software is fully Able to control the network continuously. Software possess control and main control over a managed network. SDN itself in the system to process the separation of the data and control panels. This separation defines the device switches / routers that are in the data plane simply be a device forwarding of data packets and give the responsibility to a particular software on the control plane as a logically centralized controller to control the behavior of the entire network.

In concept it can be seen how the processes occurring in the system of Software Defined Networking drawn Easily, but on the process that Occurs is actually composed of a complicated algorithm that works and created to manage a computer network system that is Able to work optimally, and Able to handle all the damage and disruption roomates system can cause the system can not work properly.